Getting started with a cloud-based application using Renesas Synergy

1 min read

As part of the CENSIS IoT centre technology seminar series, a workshop introducing cloud-based applications using Renesas Synergy will be held on March 7, 2018.

Taking place between 09:30am-4pm at the Inovo Building in Glasgow, the workshop aims to explain how to develop a complex cloud based application based on the Renesas Synergy platform using MQTT, TCP/IP, DHCP server, RTOS and peripheral drivers.

Following on from this will be a a series of hands-on sessions to help develop an embedded application utilising timers, ADCs, DACs, interrupts, RTOS and protocol stacks.

9:30amIntroduction to the Renesas Synergy Platform
10:30amDemonstration of MQTT Cloud project development
11:30amHands-on project development
1:30pmHands-on project development (cont’d)

You will be required to bring your own WiFi enabled laptop to the event and install the Renesas software beforehand.

If you are interested in attending, you must register your interest by email, to:, stating the following:

  • Your name, job title and organisation
  • A couple of lines about why you are interested in this workshop.

There is a maximum capacity of 12 people, with the application process closing on February 23.