Automated Test Summit

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21st June 2012, Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Madejski Stadium, Reading, UK

Featuring technical training, demonstrations, industry experts, product developers and system integrators, this free, full day conference and exhibition gives attendees the opportunity to learn more about the top trends currently influencing the automated test industry. Through technical presentations, attendees will explore the latest technologies for virtual and synthetic instrumentation, including new hardware technologies for RF and wireless; real time and hardware in the loop test; and the benefits of a flexible, software defined approach to automated test. Presentations from industry experts include Fernando Solorzano, automation hardware test engineer from BSkyB, who will talk about the system he has implemented to test BSkyB's set top boxes. Using National Instruments PX based modular instruments and open software such as NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand and the NI Video Measurements Suite, he has dramatically reduced the test time from 18 hours to 2 hours. In his keynote presentation, Luke Schreier, National Instruments senior group manager for Automated Test, will highlight each of the five trends in the 2012 Automated Test Outlook, a comprehensive view of key technologies and methodologies that are impacting the test and measurement industry. The Summit offers a choice of 10 hours of hands on sessions, giving attendees the chance to experience RF systems on PXI and build an automated test system with PXI and NI TestStand. The accompanying exhibition showcases 11 systems integrators and sensors manufacturers, providing an excellent networking opportunity. To register, please click here.