With the Brexit negotiating clock ticking louder, last week's election has raised more questions than answers for UK business and science. Both have a lot to lose from a hard Brexit and Theresa May's failure to win a majority could mean that a softer Brexit is now more likely. Could her failure have transformed the Brexit negotiating landscape?

With the Conservatives in a minority Government, pressure from the DUP for a softer form of Brexit is expected to grow. Might the Government also have to listen to Labour's call for fairness and 'reasonable management' of the migration system, as well as the Lib Dem's commitment to 'retain access' to EU R&D programmes? Both would be to the benefit of science in the UK.

Alternatively, we could see existing divisions between the parties widen as discussions with the EU begin.

Confidence and certainty for business and science are crucial. Hard as it already is, any further disruption will make it even harder to navigate a safe passage out of the EU.