Ventec To Showcase Value-Added Distribution Solutions at Engineering Solutions Live 2024

Ventec International will showcase its new range of value-added distribution solutions for PCB & related industry customers at Engineering Solutions Live 2024. Visitors to booth 11 will be introduced to Ventec’s new equipment division: ‘Ventec Giga Solutions’ provides comprehensive one-stop shop solutions to customers globally, including factory design, equipment selection, sales, installation, and commissioning.

A highlight on the booth will be the range of specialist lamination plates and pads from Cardel. Used for a wide range of PCB manufacturing applications, these materials are designed to provide consistently high quality, durability and performance in many industrial applications offering customers genuine value in their operations. Cardel plates are produced with different hardness levels and materials, and the lamination pads are available in a wide range of materials and composite layered formats utilizing aramid, butyl rubber, silicone, brass, and copper.

Alongside Ventec’s core range of high-performance PCB copper clad laminates & prepreg materials, booth visitors will also discover the extensive equipment and consumables offering from Ventec Giga Solutions’ partners including inkjet solutions (Hi-Print), laminator & laser application equipment (Leetech), vacuum filling & screen printing (Sunus), optical layup systems (Surge Robotic), cleaning machines & adhesive products (Yeitek), and abrasives & non-woven products (Falkenrich).

With products that cater for very exacting markets, including the defense & aerospace sector, and the automotive industry, Ventec Giga Solutions’ distributed range of equipment includes options for multiple applications across a range of budgets.

Further information about Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products is available at