Touch Displays with PCAP Technology can be used with gloves or in wet conditions

RDS have been working with Tianma for many years with their range of displays. Particularly relevant at the moment are their Touch Displays which incorporate PCAP Technology. A technology which makes their operation possible when the operator is wearing gloves or when the surface is wet such as in construction, marine or medical applications.

The new generation of touch displays which are capable of being operated in this way have a basic structure of TFT-LCD, a touch sensor glass and a cover glass. The touch sensor/ cover glass combination can be directly bonded by an optically clear resin to the LCD surface. This provides low reflection, high contrast, and excellent mechanical stability. It can also be separated by a small air gap from the LCD surface which results in a more economical solution while still displaying a high-quality image.

PCAP touch technology has the added advantage of durability because there is no degradation to the surface of the display or the performance of the touch sensor. It also offers the capability of detecting multiple touch points and allowing control by gestures.

There are also other possibilities that can be added to the displays such as anti-glare, anti-reflective and shatter-proof film and optical bonding. Optical bonding uses an optically clear resin adhesive to fill up the air gap between the LCD and the sensor glass.This improves the readability in outdoor and other high ambient light environments, as well as providing strength to the overall structure of the LCD

The cover glass can also be customised by chemically strengthening, etching, coating, custom shaping or by decorating the glass.

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