Modular Patch Panel HD³ - High Density, Durability & Diversity

Space is expensive, especially in data centers and telecommunication rooms of telecom companies. High costs call for optimum usage with high density solutions. At the same time, connections have to be robust, reliable and easy to handle. And as there is a constant change in IT technologies, the cabling has to be highly flexible to allow efficient technology changes.

Flexibility and high density for optimum results

These opposed demands were our challenge, which we accepted according to our motto “Best Contacts for your Success“. The new Telegärtner patch panel system HD3 – High Density, High Durability, High Dynamic – offers the user the port density, ease of use, durability, performance and flexibility needed in the networks of today and tomorrow.

With fiber optic, twisted pair and coax modules for the cabling installation on site as well as to connect pre-terminated cables that can be combined individually and be installed and changed within just a few seconds, the new HD3 patch panel is the ideal solution for users who need a high density, high quality, easy to use, efficient, flexible and future-proof solution. The Modular Patch Panel HD3 is due to be available in spring 2018.

Features and benefits of the Modular Patch Panel HD³
  • ½ HU, 1 HU and 3 HU modular 19“ panels
  • Panels can be installed in 19“ racks and cabinets in recessed position
  • Modules can be installed in recessed position in the panels
  • Conductive surface of panel and module chassis for improved bonding
  • Multitude of bonding connections
  • Multi-purpose rail for easy cable routing, strain relief and installation of mounting brackets
  • Modules for fiber optic, twisted pair and coaxial cable available
  • Installation of modules from the front and from behind possible due to innovative locking mechanism
  • Modules in standard non-recessed position can be exchanged quickly without the need for special tools
  • Mixing of fiber optic, twisted pair and coaxial modules in the same panel for maximum efficiency
  • Huge variety of different fiber optic modules for breakout/mini-breakout/pre-terminated cables, with integrated splice cassette or fanout modules with MPO/MTP® connection
  • Up to 144 fibers with LC connectors per HU with MPO/MTP® modules
  • Up to 144 fibers with LC connectors per HU with breakout and mini-breakout cables, up to 96 fibers with loose tube cables
  • Up to 48 RJ45 jacks per HU
  • Up to 48 SMA or 24 BNC coax connections per HU
  • Cable management can be installed and removed without any tools
  • Customer-specific modules available on request