Mentor Graphics looks to fulfill the need for an innovative, end-to-end, IoT solution

Comprised of a customisable gateway System Design Kit (SysDK), cloud backend services, and multiple runtime environments to build innovative IoT edge devices, the Mentor Graphics IoT solution enables customers to create compelling IoT deployments quickly while reducing risk, cost, and development cycles.

Highlights include:

  • Proven gateway SysDK can be used as-is, or customized in both hardware and software to meet specific intelligent gateway requirements while reducing cost and time to market.
  • Customizable and highly secure edge devices can be built on the following runtime environments:Nucleus RTOS, Nucleus SafetyCert RTOS, Mentor Embedded Linux, Mentor Embedded Multicore Framework, Mentor Embedded Hypervisor, Android, bare metal environments, and high performance graphics solutions.

  • Designed for performance and scalability, Mentor’s customisable cloud solution enables remote provisioning, management, and monitoring of global deployments. The integration of cloud middleware supports the functionality provided from the cloud backend.
  • Ideally suited from small to global enterprises, activities include: event logging, firmware updates, remote driver install/ update, remote feature unlocking, data collection for analytics, mobile applications for service access, and remote management.

Secure convergence in the gateway

As intelligence moves from the cloud toward the edge, a gateway with strong security parameters is paramount to ensuring the integrity of the gateway itself, edge devices, and anything connected in the network or cloud. Mentor’s support for secure convergence begins by leveraging ARM TrustZone. By using ARM TrustZone, the Mentor gateway SysDK can be customised to enable secure boot and hardware-enforced secure data storage and software execution alongside a rich execution environment for functions that require less security. Gateway and edge device security is complemented by Icon Labs’ Floodgate Security Framework, and security integration with enterprise IT infrastructure is provided by Icon Labs’ Floodgate for McAfee ePO.

Mentor customisation

A Mentor team of experts is available to consult in the design of customised IoT gateway hardware and software architectures. Mentor’s customised services spans edge devices to cloud and has deep experience in: HW/SW performance optimizations; multimedia applications; and security and safety certifications, including industrial IEC 61508 and medical IEC 62304.