Transphorm and TDK-Lambda expand AC-DC GaN power module family

Transphorm has confirmed that TDK-Lambda has expanded its GaN-based PFH500F product line.

The PFH500F-12 and PFH500F-48 are the second and third modules in TDK’s series of 500-watt AC-DC power supplies. Respectively, they offer 12V and 48V power outputs. As with their predecessor, the GaN-based 28V PFH500F-28, these latest supplies deliver various GaN benefits to end applications including a six percent efficiency increase in a 13 percent smaller device package.

Combined, these advantages are said to yield a 38 percent power density improvement when compared to the PFE500SA-12 and PFE500SA-48, TDK-Lambda’s incumbent silicon-based 12V and 48V modules.

The PFH500F series uses 72 mΩ, 8x8 PQFN GaN FETs (TP65H070LDG) from Transphorm. These power transistors’ high-power density enabled TDK to cool the GaN power supplies via thin baseplates. In turn, TDK was able to produce a leaner, tightly contained power module capable of supporting a wide variety of broad industrial applications operating in harsh environments.

Such applications include commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) power supplies, custom fanless power supplies, 5G communication, laser, digital signage/displays and signalling.

The 12V and 48V PFH500F modules deploy a bridgeless totem pole PFC configuration.

The PFH500F-12 and PFH500F-48 power modules, when compared to the silicon-based PFE500SA-12 and PFE500SA-48 versions, offer a number of benefits:

  • Power efficiency: 92% equalling a 6% percent increase
  • Power density: > 100W/in^3 equalling a 38% increase
  • PMBus monitoring and programming (read/write)
  • Board Size reduction: From 116.8 x 61 (mm) to 101.6 x 61 (mm) equalling a 13% reduction
  • Reduced size of external capacitive components