ST extends 5V family

STMicroelectronics has extended its 5V family of devices with the TSV772 dual operational amplifier (op amp), which delivers high accuracy, low power consumption, and the option of an extremely small 2.0mm x 2.0mm DFN8 package.

Extending ST’s high-performance 5V op-amp family, the TSV772 has rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, 20MHz gain-bandwidth (GBW), and is unity-gain stable. It has a slew rate of 13V/µs, 7nV/√Hz input noise density, and 4kV ESD capability (HBM).

The maximum input-offset voltage of 200µV (at 25°C) ensures accurate handling of low-amplitude signals. The inherent accuracy also saves using expensive, precision external resistors and helps avoid trimming or calibrating circuits in production. The TSV772 is characterised for an output capacitance of 47pF, simplifying use as an A/D converter input buffer.

Capable of operating from a supply voltage as low as 2.0V, the TSV772 can be connected to the same rail as a low-power microcontroller to simplify design. The low minimum voltage also allows longer operation with a deeply discharged battery.

The TSV772 is suited for applications such as smoke detectors that can leverage the op amp’s speed and efficiency to save battery energy for powering smart features, wireless connectivity, and extended operating lifetime.

The op amp also enables accurate current measurement as the starting point for efficient power conversion in systems such as solar generators, telecom infrastructure equipment, and computer servers.

The 20MHz TSV772 dual op amp is in production now and available in SO-8 and MiniSO-8 packages, as well as the miniature DFN8.