Neutrik powerCON locking power connectors available from Lane Electronics

Lane Electronics is now stocking the latest powerCON connectors from Neutrik.

Extending the powerCON connector blue and grey portfolio the two new variants NAC3FXXA and NAC3FXXB cable connectors meet relevant device standards, such as IEC62368-1, IEC60799 or UL817, and safety regulations which demand power (mains supply) connectors in accordance with IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60320-1.

Manufactured to be extremely robust and reliable these connectors sit alongside the established 16A powerCON blue (power in) and grey (power out) connectors and the larger 32A locking power connectors. 

These series have different keying to avoid mis-mating between power-in and power-out and are available in TOP (Total Outdoor Protection) IP65 waterproof variants, making them suitable for applications including power connection, power distribution, hybrid power systems, electric motor management and medical equipment.

Key features include:

  • IEC EN 60320-1 and cUL 60320-1 certified.
  • Pre-mating ground contact for safe connection.
  • Power-in (blue) and power-out (grey) versions with different keying to avoid the possibility of inter-mating.
  • Easy to assemble as strain relief locks with the insert mechanically and aligns with the housing.
  • Ergonomic design with slip-proof two-compound moulded housing for improved handling.
  • Unique NEUTRIK locking bushing and strain relief for cable diameters 6 mm to 16 mm. “-S” variant 6 – 12 mm and “-L”: 10 – 16 mm.
  • Easy and reliable twist lock system.
  • Improved kink protection by two-component bushing.

The NAX3FXXA-W-* and NAC3FXXB-W-* are fully mating backwards-compatible with all existing NEUTRIK blue and grey (“non NAC3MPXX* series”) receptacles already in the marketplace.

Neutrik is the only supplier of fully 60320-1 compliant indoor and outdoor power connectors and the powerCON connector range has evolved from domestic appliances and now offers users quick-connect power connection with a latching device for secure supply of power.

These connectors are finger-proof and waterproof and are intended for applications in power, industrial and medical systems.