Infineon unveils 80V DC-DC buck LED driver IC

Infineon Technologies has introduced a LED driver IC (ILD8150/E) that features an innovative hybrid dimming mode technology for achieving 0.5 percent of the target current.

With its supply voltage range from 8V DC up to 80V DC, the IC provides a high safety voltage margin for applications operating close to safe extra-low voltage (SELV) limits. The driver IC is intended for general and professional LED lighting applications with high dimming requirements.

The ILD8150/E offers a deep dimming performance without flicker and prevents audible noise. A PWM input signal between 250Hz and 20kHz controls the LED current in analog dimming output mode from 100 to 12.5 percent and from 12.5 to 0.5 percent in hybrid dimming mode, with a flicker-free modulation frequency of 3.4kHz. The digital PWM dimming detection with high resolution and the low power shutdown match the ILD8150/E to microcontrollers. The device also has a dim-to-off function and a pull-down transistor to avoid LED glowing in dim-to-off mode.

The ILD8150/E drives up to 1.5A using a high-side integrated switch. The latter one with a low R DS(on) of 290 mΩ (ILD8150) enables high power designs with an efficiency of more than 95 percent. It incorporates a soft-start function to protect the primary stage from abrupt current requests and a shunt resistor for adjustable maximum output current.

Precise output current accuracy of typical 3 percent from one device to another under all load and input voltage conditions makes the IC suitable for e.g., tunable white and flat panel designs where current must be identical.

In addition, under voltage lockout (UVLO) for the bootstrap voltage and over temperature protection functions provide a suitable fit for professional LED lighting solutions.