Infineon launches TRENCHSTOP 1700 V IGBT7 chip

Infineon has launched the TRENCHSTOP 1700 V IGBT7 chip in the standard industrial package EconoDUAL 3.

With this chip technology, the EconoDUAL 3 is able to provide a current of 900 A and 750 A, and enables an improved power range for inverters. The modules target a wide range of applications including wind, drive and static VAR generators (SVG).

Compared to modules with the previous IGBT4 chipset, the FF900R17ME7_B11 with the TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 chip enables up to 40 percent higher inverter output current in the same package size.

The 1700 V IGBT7 modules also feature significantly lower static and dynamic losses while addressing applications with prevailing static losses in diode chips. In addition, the chip technology offers enhanced du/dt controllability and improved diode softness. Induced by cosmic rays, the FIT rate has also been significantly improved – an important parameter when working with high DC link voltage. In addition, the power modules feature a maximum overload junction temperature of 175°C.

In addition to the best-in-class 1700 V EconoDUAL 3 with 900 A, a 750 A module with a larger diode has also been introduced to further increase the flexibility of the portfolio. According to Infineon, the EconoDUAL 3 1700 V modules with the TRENCHSTOP IGBT 7 chip are able to increase the power density of the inverter and achieve a new level of performance in a wide range of applications.