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Infineon expands its MOTIX product family

Infineon Technologies has expanded its MOTIX family of products for automotive and industrial motor control applications.

Infineon has introduced the 2-channel MOTIX gate driver ICs 2ED2742S01G, 2ED2732S01G, 2ED2748S01G, and 2ED2738S01G. The 160 V Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) gate drivers are small, powerful, and cost-effective gate drive solutions with improved latch-up immunity.

The devices have been designed for battery powered applications, including cordless power tools, multicopters, drones, and light electric vehicles with batteries up to 120 V.

Infineon’s SOI technology eliminates the parasitic thyristor structure and offers a combination of robustness and immunity to negative transient voltages at the VS pin. The 2-channel gate drivers have integrated monolithic bootstrap diodes that supply the high-side bootstrap capacitor externally, further reducing system-level BOM costs.

The devices come in a compact 3 x 3 mm² VSON10 package and are available in both half-bridge (HB) and high-side + low-side (HS + LS) configurations as well as two different source/sink currents to drive n-channel MOSFETs in various applications.

The 2ED2732S01G and the 2ED2742S01G deliver a source current of 1 A and a sink current of 2 A, while the 2ED2738S01G and the 2ED2748S01G deliver a source current of 4 A and a sink current of 8 A.

All products feature independent undervoltage lockout (UVLO) on both V CC and V B pins – the HB products also integrate shoot-through protection (STP). In addition, the MOTIX 160 V solutions are fully qualified for industrial applications according to the relevant JEDEC78/20/22 tests.