High-performing antennas elevate maritime connectivity

Pasternack, a provider of RF, microwave and millimetre-wave products, has launched a new line of commercial marine-grade ship/boat RF antennas, specifically designed for the harshest marine environments.

Offering high performance for sea-bound communications, the freshly released product range is a beacon for ship-to-ship correspondence, distress signal transmission and harbour chatter.

Pasternack’s marine antennas operate within the marine frequency band of 156 to 163 MHz and CB-27 MHz, 10m-HAM, offering clear, continuous connectivity on the open sea.

With their versatile mounting options, integrating these antennas into any sea vessel’s design has been made simple. The trio of mount types are designed for the most effective marine use, providing outstanding flexibility.

Pasternack’s marine-grade antennas boast top-tier features like weather resistance, rated IP67 for water intrusion, ensuring enduring resilience. With an array of antenna lengths to choose from, signal performance can be customized to suit individual needs.

The GPS capabilities include L1 band and multiband capacities and a gain of 28 dBi, promising dependable navigation. Constructed with top-grade stainless steel or fiberglass materials, these antennas promise lasting durability and unparalleled performance.