High and full-speed USB Type-C serial adapter cables

Connective Peripherals is making available a broad portfolio of converter cabling solutions fitted with USB Type-C terminals.

These new cables from the FTDI-approved module/cabling subcontractor facilitate the interconnection of modern electronics hardware with legacy equipment and peripherals.

Covering USB-to-RS232, USB-to-TTL and USB-to-MPSSE data interfacing, they can be supplied in either Full-Speed or High-Speed versions. Connective Peripherals is currently the only supplier on the market offering High-Speed moulded cables with Type-C terminations.

These cables feature lightweight, but robust and reliable, construction and are available in a variety of lengths including 0.1m, 0.5m, 1.0m and 1.8m (dependent on the particular model specified).

Key uses for these FCC and CE compliant cables are in relation to embedded system development and evaluation activities - allowing the functional parameters of prevalent FTDI ICs to be assessed.

Among the array of solutions available are:
  • The USBC-FS-UART-5V-3.3V-1800-PH incorporates the FT234XD USB-to-UART bridging IC. This cable provides 3.3V TTL level UART signals and an additional 5V output to power external circuits. It features 1.8m of cabling with 6-way single-in-line 0.1-inch pitch connector.
  • Based on the FT232R interface IC, the USBC-FS-UART-5V-5V-1800-WE cable supports 5V TTL level UART signals and has an additional 5V output to power external circuits. The 1.8m cable has bare wire endings.
  • USBC-FS-RS232-0V-1800-WE cables feature the FT230X USB-to-Serial bridge ICs, along with integrated RS232 level shifters. 1.8m in length, they have wire ended terminations.
  • Each USBC-FS-RS232-100-DB9 utilises a sophisticated FT231XS X-Chip series USB-to-Serial IC, as well as an FT3243S RS232 transceiver device to provide RS232 levels on the serial interface. These 10cm cables all come with a DB9 connector.
  • Using FTDI’s popular High-Speed USB FT232H interface IC, the USBC-HS-UART-3.3V-3.3V-1800-SPR and USBC-HS-UART-5V-3.3V-1800-SPR are able to provide USB-to-UART interfacing at high data rates. They use 3.3V UART levels and feature a 3.3V or 5V power output (depending on model). The 1.8m cables connect via ten single-pole receptacles.
  • The USBC-HS-MPSSE-3.3V-3.3V-500-SPR and USBC-HS-MPSSE-5V-3.3V-500-SPR cables use the FT232H IC to interface Hi-Speed USB to JTAG, SPI and I2C interfaces. They provide 3.3V signals and a 3.3V or 5V power output (depending on model). The 0.5m cable is terminated in ten single-pole receptacles.
Among the other potential areas where these cables may be employed are test instrumentation, debug apparatus, industrial drives and controls, office equipment, point-of-sales units, barcode scanners, etc. A full suite of drivers (for MAC, Windows, Linux, etc.) are available to support them.