congatec introduces Computer-on-Modules with 13th Gen Intel Core processors

congatec has announced the availability of COM-HPC and COM Express Computer-on-Modules that are based on high-end 13th Gen Intel Core processors in BGA assembly.

According to congatec, it expects series production of OEM designs based on these new modules to ramp up quickly. The new processors - with long life availability – are able to offer vast improvements across many features while being fully hardware compatible with their predecessors, which makes implementation both fast and easy.

With Thunderbolt and enhanced PCIe support up to Gen5, the modules based on the new COM-HPC standard will provide developers with new opportunities in terms of increased data throughput, I/O bandwidth and performance density. The COM Express 3.1 compliant modules primarily help to secure investments in existing OEM designs, which includes upgrade options for more data throughput thanks to PCIe Gen4 support.

These COM-HPC and COM Express Computer-on-Modules provide up to 8% single thread and up to 5% multithread performance gains from the soldered 13th Gen Intel Core processors compared to 12th Gen Intel Core processors.

The performance gains go hand in hand with a distinctly higher power efficiency due to an enhanced manufacturing process.

Also new in this performance class (15-45 W Base Power) are DDR5 memory support and PCIe Gen5 connectivity on selected SKUs. Both contribute to even better multithread performance and data throughput.

With up to 80 EU and ultra-fast encode and decode capabilities, the integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics architecture is suited for enhanced graphics demands such as those found in video streaming and video data based situational awareness applications.

All these features effect significant improvements in a wide range of industrial, medical, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications, as well as all types of embedded and edge computing with workload consolidation.

The new conga-HPC/cRLP Computer-on-Module in COM-HPC Size A form factor and the compact conga-TC675 module based on the new COM Express 3.1 specification will become available in a number of different variants.

Application engineers can deploy the new COM-HPC Computer-on-Modules on congatec’s Micro-ATX Application Carrier Board conga-HPC/uATX for COM-HPC Client type modules to instantly capitalise on all the benefits and improvements of these new modules in combination with ultra-fast PCIe Gen5 connectivity.