Bulgin launches 9000 Series Buccaneer circular power connectors

Bulgin has extended its popular connector portfolio with the introduction of the 9000 Series Buccaneer circular power connectors.

The 9000 Series comprises a range of high amperage flex body, flex in-line and flange mount connectors which are rated to IP68, making them suitable for high current applications where easy connection and protection from high levels of dust and moisture are critical.

The 9000 Series Buccaneer multi-pin circular connectors are available with either a bayonet ¼ turn locking mechanism for quick connector mating and release, or a screw turn locking mechanism that achieves a secure, robust connection but is also easy to disconnect. For installer confidence, both variants are equipped with visual alignment features to ensure correct mating, and positive feedback on the locking mechanism to give assurance that the connector is correctly mated and sealed.

Suitable for mains power to signal applications in multiple industrial environments, 9000 Series circular power connectors feature robust Delrin housings and are available as male and female, with a choice of 2 to 11 poles up to 225A, 1250V AC RMS as standard. 300+ AMP contacts are available on request and there is also a crimp termination option.

The IP68-rated, high amperage 9000 Series extends the existing Buccaneer range - which also includes compact, lightweight and explosion-proof circular power connectors – to give customers a comprehensive range of solutions for their power connection requirements.