Black flip FPC/FFC connector offers dual contact functionality

Hirose has expanded its back flip FPC/FFC connector offering to include a 0.5 mm pitch version that offers dual contact functionality to simplify flex routing.

The space-saving TF07V Series has a height of only 2.1 mm, making it suitable for consumer electronics, industrial robotic, and medical applications that require connectivity solutions combining miniaturisation and ruggedization.

In addition to higher reliability, the top and bottom contact design offers board design flexibility and ease of assembly while the back flip design greatly increases the FPC/FFC retention in the vertical direction.

Compared to front flip connectors, the TF07V Series back flip connector offers a higher retention force and exceptional protection during installation. With the back flip design, the TF07V Series is delivered with the actuator open. Mating is completed in two simple steps of FPC/FFC insertion and closing the actuator.

According to Hirose, the TF07V Series design all but eliminates dust from causing contact failure, while the back flip design is impervious to debris, ensuring the prevention of any unexpected actuator openings after installation.

The TF07V Series is available in 30, 40, 50 and 60 positions.