48Mpixel image sensor supports 8K resolution

The CMV50000, launched by CMOSIS, is a global shutter CMOS image sensor, offering 48Mpixel high resolution to capture images of fast moving objects without distortion.

According to the company, the CMV50000 could replace charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensors used in machine-vision cameras and high-end security cameras. Compared to the older CCD sensor technology, CMOS image sensors are said to be easier to integrate in camera designs, use less power, and can operate at much higher frame rates.

The CMV50000 is a medium format 48Mpixels sensor with 7920 x 6002 4.6µm sized pixels using the patented eight transistor pixel architecture claimed to offer low noise and better electronic shutter efficiency.

The sensor’s pixel offers 64dB optical dynamic range at full resolution and up to 68dB in subsampled 4K mode. The device is said to benefit from the implementation of on-chip noise-reduction circuitry such as black level clamping to enable it to capture high quality images under low light conditions.

The sensor operates at 30frames/s with 12bit pixel depth at full resolution or a binned 4K mode and at up to 60frames/s with pixel subsampling to 4K resolution.

The CMV50000 is claimed to provide views of a large surface area, which is required in factory automation applications such as automated optical inspection systems and systems for the inspection of displays of mobile phones, tablets and laptops.