3mm pitch Micropower connectors

The 3mm pitch MicroPower connectors from GTK are designed for high current/high density applications that require the flexibility of wire to wire and wire to board configurations.

According to GTK , the MicroPower range is capable of handling currents of up to 5A. This combined with a 10m? contact resistance makes it a multipurpose connector solution for both power and signal applications. The right angle pcb mount connector is available in single or dual row format and in sizes ranging from in two to 24 ways. The connector housing is UL94V-0 rated, fully polarised and has a positive latching mechanism to ensure it is fully connected to the mating cable assembly. GTK also provide over moulded cable assemblies for the MicroPower range. The cable assembly has a secure latching feature and can be customised to include corporate colours and logos if required. Tom Hennessey, business manager for Connectors and Cable Assemblies, said, "This connector solution shouldn't be underestimated. Its electrical properties make it extremely versatile and it is used in a wide variety of applications, including consumer electronics, data communications, medical and military and aerospace applications."