3.3 GHz to 4.2 GHz, 8-port CBRS sector antennas

RadioWaves has released a new series of 8-port, CBRS sector antennas covering the 3.3 GHz to 4.2 GHz frequency bands.

The series of CBRS Sector Antennas has been designed to provide gain of 16 to 18 dBi along with a 65° beamwidth. These antennas are engineered to deliver high, stable gain over wide bandwidths and suppress side-lobes and back-lobes for mitigating inter-sector interference.

These models are engineered to be symmetric in both polarizations to minimise chain imbalance. The 17 dB side lobe suppression and dB front-to-back ratio allows for channel (frequency) reuse and high levels of spectral efficiency in the most challenging and noisy environments.

These antennas also feature 8 x 8 MIMO operation, eight +/- 45 slant polarization ports with integral N-female connectors all in a single enclosure. They come equipped with enhanced port isolation, cross polarization discrimination, gain, VSWR and front-to-back.

Additionally, they feature universal radio brackets that are compatible with many popular Cambium PMP/EPMP, Ubiquiti Rocket/Prism, Mimosa and Baicell radios. For added safety and convenience, the antennas feature an integrated hoisting hook.