18V, 6A synchronous buck converter from Diodes for POL applications

Diodes has introduced the AP62600 synchronous DC-DC buck converter for point-of-load (POL) conversion in applications such as TVs, monitors, white goods, home appliances, consumer electronics, and large-scale integrated circuits.

The AP62600 delivers up to 6A of output from a supply voltage of 4.5V to 18V and incorporates integrated high-side and low-side MOSFETs with 36mΩ and 14mΩ on-resistances, respectively.

The AP62600 expands on Diodes’ recent AP64xxx (40V) and AP63xxx (32V) DC-DC converters’ EMI performance. AP62600’s proprietary gate driver scheme, coupled with fast transient response, reduces high-frequency radiated EMI as well as minimises switching node ringing.

Despite the level of feature integration, the AP62600 is supplied in a package measuring just 2mm x 3mm, allowing it to be used in the smallest of products. Selectable switching frequencies of 400kHz, 800kHz, and 1.2MHz provide engineering teams with more flexibility, allowing them to optimize component choices for efficiency or a smaller form factor.

There is a power-good indicator, which alerts users to any fault conditions that may arise. A programmable soft-startup mode controls inrush current at power-up, enabling designers to implement power sequencing when using multiple AP62600s to supply large integrated devices, such as FPGAs, ASICs, DSPs, and microprocessors.

High efficiency can be realised across all loads with pulsed frequency modulation (PFM) operation. Other modes offered include pulse width modulation (PWM) to get the best ripple performance and an ultrasonic mode (USM), which avoids audible noise at light loads.