XMOS and DSP Concepts partner to unlock audio and voice DSP applications

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AI and semiconductor developer XMOS has announced a partnership with embedded audio software specialist DSP Concepts.

The agreement will allow audio developers to combine XMOS’ highly deterministic, low latency xcore.ai platform with DSP Concepts’ Audio Weaver software. This software enables users to graphically design and debug audio and voice solutions utilising multicores from one single canvas.

Integrating edge-AI, DSP, control and IO in a single device, xcore.ai is a high-performance, multi-purpose processor designed for intelligent IoT. It’s fully configurable in software and, according to XMOS, provides a cost effective and versatile platform for fast-to-market IoT products.

DSP’s Audio Weaver offers a one-stop solution for audio product development, from R&D right up to production. It combines sophisticated graphical design tools with over 500 pre-built models, which means that designers can construct an audio processing pipeline while almost completely dispensing with complex manual code.

With Audio Weaver making the coding process a drag-and-drop exercise, and with xcore.ai enabling total customisability through software alone, these two solutions combined will be able to offer much greater levels of flexibility and accessibility when it comes to designing audio and voice products, while reducing BOM costs and accelerating time-to-market.

Engineers can take advantage of this combination through XMOS’ xcore.ai multichannel audio evaluation board, along with a fully productised software development kit (SDK) driven by the customer.

It also brings together the strong support networks and engineering communities of both platforms.

According to Chin Beckmann, CEO, DSP Concepts, “Audio innovation should be easy so that the audio engineer can focus on the differentiation for the products they are making.  Audio Weaver is purpose-built to streamline the design process – a visual approach, multiple deployment options, and deep integrations with chip partners all help to keep the focus on the product, and not on a frustrating development process. XMOS’ adaptability only adds to that strength.”

Aneet Chopra, EVP Marketing & Product Management, XMOS, added, “With so many market opportunities right across the IoT, versatility has always been a priority for XMOS – designers and engineers need to be able to change their designs and explore new ideas without prohibitive expense. This partnership with DSP Concepts is the latest milestone on that journey, giving designers yet more tools with which they can refine their designs, taking new and impactful applications to market at speed.”