WiBotic introduces PowerPad Pro, enhancing UAV capabilities

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WiBotic, a US company that specialises in advanced charging and power optimisation solutions for aerial, mobile, space and industrial robots has introduced the PowerPad Pro.

A stand-alone platform it can be seamlessly integrated into any existing hangar or other UAV storage facility and the PowerPad Pro automatically charges drones without physical connection points, while wirelessly transferring flight data, images and video.

“PowerPad Pro enhances drone functionality for our partners working in environments where autonomous or semi-autonomous operations are a priority,” said Ben Waters, co-founder and CEO, WiBotic. “We designed it as a flexible solution for those who either already own and operate drones – and have their own infrastructure in place – or those who are looking for a more cost-effective option for fully autonomous operations. PowerPad Pro can be used as a stand-alone landing platform, or it can be integrated into any number of enclosures and form-factors such as trailers, sheds, or even truck beds.”

During battery charging, PowerPad Pro’s wireless data transfer enables UAVs to quickly and easily download flight and sensor data to an industrial computer inside the pad. The data can then be processed locally and/or automatically transmitted to a central location using LTE or long-range data backhaul radios.

Using the same wireless data link, remote operators can upload flight plans or monitor flights in real-time, ensuring safe and controlled flights. Without this capability, high-resolution images, video and other data can quickly fill the UAV’s onboard storage. By removing this restriction, PowerPad Pro provides more flexibility and versatility in the missions that UAVs can perform.

In addition to wireless data transfer, PowerPad Pro also automatically begins wireless battery charging upon landing, eliminating the need for cables and connectors and allows different sizes and types of UAVs to share a common landing pad platform (or series of platforms) deployed across large areas.

Unlike contact-based charging stations, WiBotic’s patented technology provides power through the air. The pad is fully sealed to the elements, protecting both electronics and mechanical components from dust, debris, rain, insects and other environmental factors that may eventually impact reliability. Programmable voltage and current also helps extend battery lifespan, reducing the need for costly battery replacements and maintenance.

PowerPad Pro can dramatically enhance drone operations across a number of industries: energy & utilities, construction, defence and agriculture.