Ultra-thin cable module for single-use endoscopes

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OMNIVISION, a developer of digital imaging, analogue, and touch & display technology, is making available the OVMed OCHTA – an ultra-thin medical-grade cable module for single-use endoscopes.

The OCHTA cable module connects very small 400 x 400-resolution imagers to endoscopes with ultra-thin 0.45 mm cables that are available in 1.5- and 2.5-meter lengths (or up to 4 meters if customised), allowing the option to add mini-LED illumination.

This complete turnkey solution, including the lens and image signal processor, reduces cost and speeds time to market for medical-device OEMs.

“The medical industry is moving toward smaller, higher-resolution endoscopes with ultra-thin cables that can reach deeper inside the body. In addition, medical-device OEMs need the flexibility to customise their designs for specific endoscopy procedures,” said Ehsan Ayar, medical product marketing manager, OMNIVISION. “The ultra-thin, customisable cable modules are medical-grade tested and ready to be integrated – lowering design and test time and simplifying the supply chain.”

The OCHTA cable modules feature a six-wire cable that allows manufacturers to add their own LED illumination. Additionally, OMNIVISION is offering customisable cable lengths, connectors and LEDs, providing manufacturers with a fully tested and production-ready solution from a single source.

The OCHTA cable module includes a very small imager, upgraded from 200 x 200 (previous generation) to 400 x 400 resolution, for improved visibility.

According to Ayar, “The ultra-thin OCHTA cable module is designed for endoscopes used in minimally invasive surgery, including neuro, ophthalmic, cardiac, spinal, ob-gyn and utero-renal procedures.”

The OCHTA cable modules are manufactured in ISO 13485-certified facilities.

The cables also provide the necessary EMC/EMI shielding from the patient as per IEC 60601 requirements. The 1.5- and 2.5-meter “off the shelf” cable modules and evaluation kits are available now.

Customised options will be available in Q3 2023.