SEGGER releases the Arduino MKR Adapter

1 min read

SEGGER has announced the release of the Arduino MKR Adapter, simplifying the connection of J-Link debug probes to Arduino boards from the MKR series.

The adapter was originally developed for internal use to simplify SEGGER’s own processes but has since evolved into a standalone product, accessible to the broader Arduino community, eliminating the need for soldering and additional jumper wires when connecting a J-Link to an MKR series board. In addition, this versatile adapter also works with the J-Link EDU Mini, further addressing the needs of the Arduino community.

“The Arduino project has always had a strong focus on students and hobbyists, so we really appreciate SEGGER’s support in this area," said Massimo Sacchi, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Arduino PRO. “The SEGGER J-Link EDU Mini is perfect for some of our customers, as is the availability of professional tools at no cost for our non-commercial users. Of course, our commercial customers benefit from this support as well.”

"We are pleased to be able to simplify access to our offering for the Arduino community with the Arduino MKR Adapter," added Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER. “Our goal is to provide solutions that make embedded system development more accessible and efficient for everyone.”

As is the case with many SEGGER products, the Arduino MKR Adapter was developed to increase efficiency in-house. SEGGER uses its own tools for development and production on both the hardware and software side. SEGGER’s software drives SEGGER's hardware and SEGGER hardware verifies and programs all new SEGGER products.