SEGGER and CVA Innovation support CVM01xx series MCU

1 min read

SEGGER’s J-Link debug probes, as well as its family of Flasher in-circuit programmers, now fully support the CVA Innovation CVM01xx series MCU.

With these devices being supported right out of the box, CVA Innovation and their customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of J-Link Prime, an essential part of the partnership between CVA Innovation Semiconductor and SEGGER.

“SEGGER J-Link debug probes have fast debugging speed, high stability and compatibility, which can make our customers more efficient with faster operation and ease of use, greatly improving the development efficiency”, said BAI Songrong, CTO of CVA Innovation. “We look forward to working with SEGGER long term, which will help us continue to improve our embedded software development and debugging platform and provide better services to our customers.”

“Partnering with CVA Innovation makes it possible to make the most of their automotive-grade MCUs,” said Ivo Geilenbruegge, Managing Director of SEGGER. “With J-Link Prime, SEGGER makes sure that J-Links and Flashers deliver the best performance possible for debugging and flash programming all CVM01xx series devices. We are looking forward to expanding our partnership with CVA Innovation in the years to come.”