Renesas unveils new Winning Combinations

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Renesas Electronics has announced 10 new Winning Combinations that combine Wi-Fi 6 and 6E chipsets from recently acquired Celeno Communications with a broad range of solutions from Renesas including embedded processing, analogue, power, timing and connectivity

These Winning Combos include solutions for IoT, Industrial, Infrastructure and other applications.

Winning Combinations are engineering-vetted designs that allow customers to take advantage of an elevated platform for their design ideas, helping them to accelerate product development cycles and lower overall risk in bringing designs to market.

Renesas is now able to offer more than 300 Winning Combinations for a wide range of customers and markets.

“These new solutions illustrate clearly that the Celeno Wi-Fi solutions are extremely complementary with the Renesas product portfolio,” said DK Singh, Senior Director of the System and Solutions Team at Renesas. “In a very short time, we have delivered Winning Combinations with Celeno technology that further our mission of enabling intelligence from the cloud to the end-point sustainably. Customers understand and appreciate that we are leading the market in providing integrated solutions to help them get innovative products to market faster and more efficiently.”

The latest Winning Combinations include the following:

Industrial Gateway with Wi-Fi 6

Realising the fastest data transmission for on-field programmable logic controller (PLC) applications, this winning combination leverages a leading-edge MPU and a high-performance Wi-Fi 6 chip to drive up to 4.8 Gbps PHY/data link speed.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Solution

This provides a high-end flexible Wi-Fi 5 IEEE 802.11ac solution for industrial applications requiring high data throughput and high data accuracy. Here, the combination of an RZ/V2M microprocessor main board with plugged in Wi-Fi 5 provides high throughput up to 4800 Mbps along with a fast PCIe interface.

Wireless Digital Signage

This Wi-Fi connected digital signage solution combines Celeno Wi-Fi with Renesas power devices and the RZ/G2H MPU to connect different displays. The solution supports displays from HDMI or LVDS connected flat panel displays to LED-based matrix displays.

Other winning combinations introduced this month combine proven Renesas technology with Celeno’s connectivity expertise for high performance networking, AI, and video applications.

  • AI Vision and Voice Recognition
  • Wireless Network Video Recorder
  • Wireless IIoT Gateway
  • Wireless Gaming Table
  • Wi-Fi Connected Retail Scale
  • High-Throughput Wi-Fi 6 Router
  • Wired & Wireless IEEE-1588 Solution

All of these Winning Combinations, in addition to 300+ existing Winning Combinations, include block diagrams, product information and are available to sample and buy.