Renesas extends emWin license to include all RA MCUs

1 min read

SEGGER has announced that Renesas Electronics has extended its license of emWin, the company's embedded graphic library, to their latest RA series microcontrollers.

The license covers the use of the embedded graphics library by all developers using any Renesas RA microcontroller powered by Arm Cortex CPUs.

With more devices using bitmap displays as standard, emWin has become a suitable choice as it offers everything required to construct a modern graphical user interface, including multitouch capability.

For rapid application development, AppWizard can prototype a user interface on a PC and deploy it to an embedded device with only a few keystrokes and bcause the GUI can be prototyped on the PC with pixel-perfect rendering, development can be started even before target hardware is available..

“emWin is used by developers worldwide to deliver state-of-the-art GUIs for consumer devices and industrial equipment,” said Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President in the IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas. “With the AppWizard, we firmly believe emWin provides a package for easily developed, high-quality graphical user interfaces.”

“We are maintaining a successful business relationship with Renesas for many years now,” said SEGGER's CEO Ivo Geilenbruegge. “emWin and Renesas RA microcontrollers are a powerful combination to meet all requirements of interactive user interfaces in embedded systems.”

Existing Renesas customers are able to transition designs to any product of the RA devices. New customers can use emWin to start development of highly sophisticated, interactive user interfaces on any Renesas RA microcontroller.