Move to boost wireless lighting within smart buildings

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OSRAM, the photonics company, and Casambi, specialists in wireless lighting control based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), have announced interoperability between the Casambi CBU-DCS module and OSRAM DEXAL (Data Exchange for Advanced Lighting) driver.

This will mean that OSRAM’s DEXAL LED drivers can now be connected seamlessly via a single interface, utilising Casambi’s lighting management system along with “Casambi Ready” luminaires, components and control devices (including sensors and switches) from an ever-growing list of leading manufacturers.

It is hoped that Casambi’s compatibility with DEXAL interface technology will enable simpler lighting installations across a broad range of applications.

Once connected to Casambi’s wireless control platform, the DEXAL LED drivers enable bi-directional communication based on the DALI protocol. Data, including power consumption, operating time and temperature profiles, can also be extracted from each luminaire, to enable end users to benefit from connectivity, e.g. remote energy monitoring and predictive maintenance.

In response to customer requests for which compatibility with DALI is a necessity, Casambi has recently introduced the CBU-DCS module – a Bluetooth-operated DALI controller which effectively serves as a DALI-to-Casambi gateway.

Casambi’s modules and integrated software operate easily and reliably with OSRAM DEXAL solutions including OSRAM and other daylight sensors and presence detectors; along with other connected luminaires in a lighting control solution without the need to add other connectivity infrastructure.