Micron readies multichip package with LPDDR5 DRAM

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Micron Technology has announced the launch of uMCP5, the industry’s first universal flash storage (UFS) multichip package with low-power DDR5 (LPDDR5) DRAM.

Ready for mass production, the uMCP5 combines high-performance, high density and low-power memory and storage in one compact package that will enable smartphones to handle data-intensive 5G workloads with dramatically increased speed and power efficiency.

The multichip package uses Micron’s LPDDR5 memory to power advanced mobile features previously only seen in costly flagship devices using discrete products, such as stand-alone memory and storage. These emerging features - such as image recognition, advanced artificial intelligence (AI), multi-camera support, augmented reality (AR) and high resolution displays - are becoming accessible to more consumers.

“Moving 5G’s potential from hype to reality will require smartphones that can support the immense volumes of data flowing through the network and next-gen applications,” said Raj Talluri, senior vice president and general manager of Micron’s Mobile Business Unit. “Our uMCP5 combines the fastest memory and storage in a single package, unleashing new possibilities for 5G’s disruptive, data-rich technologies right at consumers’ fingertips.”

With LPDDR5, Micron has significantly increased memory bandwidth from 3,733 to 6,400 megabits per second (Mb/s), enabling seamless, instant experiences for mobile users, even when using data-heavy features.

“5G provides smartphones with unprecedented multigigabit speeds to connect with the cloud,” said Ziad Asghar, vice president of product management at Qualcomm Technologies, “bringing memory on par with 5G speeds to a new generation of phones and enabling best-in-class gaming, differentiated camera and AI experiences, and ultrafast file transfers.”

Micron uMCP5 features include:

  • Dramatically extended battery life: Building on its success with uMCP4, Micron taps LPDDR5 memory for uMCP5 to enable complete utilization of 5G networks, providing a nearly 20% power efficiency boost compared to LPDDR4.
  • Fast download speeds: The uMCP5 provides users with 20% faster sustained download speeds, as compared to Micron’s previous UFS 2.1-based solutions.
  • Boosted endurance: The uMCP5 NAND boosts endurance by around 66% to 5,000 program/erase cycles, exponentially increasing the cycles and volume of data that devices can program and erase without degrading device performance..
  • Industry-leading bandwidth: Devices with uMCP5 will support a maximum DRAM bandwidth of up to 6,400 Mb/s, a 50% increase compared to the previous LPDDR4x generation, which runs at a bandwidth of 4,266 Mb/s.
  • Latest flash performance: Micron’s uMCP5 also draws on the fastest UFS 3.1-based storage interface, providing twice the sequential read performance and 20% faster write speeds compared to Micron’s previous generation of UFS 2.1 products.