KIOXIA debuts PCIe 4.0 storage class memory SSDs

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KIOXIA America has announced that it is now sampling its FL6 Series enterprise NVMe SCM SSDs - offering both low latency and high endurance.

Featuring the KIOXIA SCM solution, XL-FLASH, the dual-port and PCIe 4.0-compliant KIOXIA FL6 Series SSDs have been designed to bridge the gap between DRAM and TLC-based drives, and look to address latency-sensitive use cases such as caching layer, tiering and write logging.

Based on KIOXIA’s BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology with 1-bit-per-cell SLC, XL-FLASH SCM can deliver low latency and high performance to data centre and enterprise storage. While volatile memory solutions such as DRAM are able to provide the access speed needed by demanding applications, it comes at a high cost. SCM addresses this by providing high density, lower cost non-volatile flash memory.

“Enterprise IT architects are always trying to accelerate data access and are now looking to storage class memory to deliver lower latency and higher performance than TLC-based flash storage to their applications,” noted Jeff Janukowicz, research vice president, IDC. “NVMe SCM SSD solutions, such as the KIOXIA FL6 Series, will help fulfill the needs of this fast-growing market where spending is expected to increase tenfold by 2025 compared to today.”

The FL6 Series has been found to perform well on low queue depth workloads but its main strengths are revealed as workloads become more demanding and mixed. In these environments, FL6 drives are able to deliver reliable quality of service - a critical attribute for a wide variety of latency-sensitive applications.

“SCM is the next frontier for enterprise storage, and our FL6 Series SSD is designed to cost-effectively fill the gap between DRAM and traditional TLC-based flash SSDs,” said Neville Ichhaporia, vice president, SSD marketing and product management, KIOXIA America.