IEEE approves next gen LAN standard after seven year wait

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The IEEE has approved the 802.11n high throughput wireless LAN standard seven years' after the process began.

The next generation technology has already been on sale in equipment such as laptops for several years, but the IEEE's approval means that it can ensure compatibility with future networking equipment. This will pave the way for faster and more reliable wireless networks, as well as improvements to streaming of HD content and better performance for applications running on a Wi-Fi network. Bruce Kraemer, chair of the IEEE Wireless LAN Working Group, said: "This was an extraordinarily wide ranging technical challenge that required the sustained effort and concentration of a terrific variety of participants. When we started in 2002, many of the technologies addressed in 802.11n were university research topics and had not been implemented. The performance improvements achieved via IEEE 802.11n stand to transform the WLAN user experience, and ratification of the amendment sets the stage for a new wave of application innovation and creation of new market opportunities." The 802.11n technology is capable of offering speeds of 300Mbps and above and transferring data twice the distance of previous technologies – around 300ft indoors.