Farnell stocking MegiQ's RF and microwave development tools

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Farnell has added Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave development tools from MegiQ to its test and measurement portfolio.

Currently, Farnell is the only high service distributor that offers the full MegiQ range of Vector Network Analysers and Antenna Measurement Systems used by designers to develop, test and verify wireless communication equipment and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

MegiQ products have been designed to be accessible for IoT start-ups and universities looking to fit out a teaching lab with multiple units. Users benefit from complete, easy to use and reliable measurement tools and accessories, suitable for most wireless systems and covering microwave frequencies up to 6GHz. MegiQ tools and accessories can be used for research, development, product verification and production testing with applications ranging from education and research to manufacturing, including semiconductor, automotive and telecom equipment design.

MegiQ’s RF tools provide users with everything that's needed to design and verify wireless communication and IoT devices. The comprehensive and powerful toolset is suited to the implementation of antenna and enables engineers to measure and optimise impedances and measure antenna radiation patterns, which can be a difficult and often obscure process. All software required for use with MegiQ’s tools is included license-free and compatible for installation on any standard computer.

MegiQ’s full range of RF development tools now available from Farnell includes:

  • Vector Network Analysers (VNA) – all of which come with fully featured PC software to measure, store and produce graphic output. A unique built-in match circuit calculator and simulator for antenna circuit development is also included.
  • Balanced Calibration Kit – an interface kit for UFL and balanced VNA measurements containing SMA-UFL adapters and several adapters ranging from SMA and UFL to balanced pin headers.
  • Radiation Measurement Systems – to measure the actual radiated energy from the ‘outside’ of the antenna. This measures the Gain and the Total Radiated Power (TRP) or antenna efficiency.
  • Sandbox Kits – VNA products in the MegiQ range come with the option to add a bespoke VNA Sandbox Kit, suitable for students and first-time engineers. These kits include all necessary accessories and a step-by-step tutorial guide for first-time users to quickly learn how to use VNAs.