Collaboration leads to first Wi-Fi system in package development system

1 min read

IAR Systems has collaborated with networking and connectivity specialist, Qualcomm Atheros, on its new AR4100 solution, the industry's first Wi-Fi system in package development system for microcontroller based design.

The new module is based on Atheros' 802.11b/g/n single stream Wi-Fi Align technology, said to enable long range transmission while minimising energy consumption. IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM was chosen as the development tool for the Wi-Fi mcu device. According to IAR, the AR4100 is optimised for client applications hosted by low resource mcus that send infrequent data packets over the network. MCUs interface to the AR4100 via a serial peripheral interface bus and will be initially aimed at customers in the smart home, smart grid and smart building markets. "IAR Embedded Workbench and tool chain is very intuitive and easy to configure," said Mahesh Iyer, director of software engineering, Qualcomm Atheros. "The whole process of project creation to image download is simple and hassle free. My team was instinctively able to utilise it, out of the box, to build projects very quickly. The debugging feature that comes with the tool was well liked by the development team. The IDE itself, unlike many others, has a much better response time and allows for faster development. My team has been able to cut down development time by a significant margin as a result."