ARIES Embedded presents new MCXL Reference IP design

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ARIES Embedded, a specialist in embedded services and products, has unveiled enhancements to the MCXL System-on-Module (SoM) with a new reference IP design.

The MCXL SoM is based on the Intel Cyclone 10 LP family and is the first FPGA SoM featuring HyperBus technology.

“The new reference design provides an excellent benefit for all customers to evaluate the MCXL SoM or start their own developments,” said Andreas Widder, Managing Director of ARIES Embedded. “The design implements the VexRiscv (open-source RISC-V soft-core) running FreeRTOS, as well as Intel Triple Speed Ethernet MAC and the SLL MBMC IP.”

The MCXL SoM leverages the functionality of the Cyclone 10 LP family on a compact embedded module. Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGAs are intended for cost-sensitive applications that require increasing lower static power as the need for scalable processing acceleration increases system interface requirements. The large range of industrial applications involves I/O expansion, interfacing, bridging, sensor fusion, and industrial motor control.

For the MCXL reference IP design, three Quartus projects are available: one for the MCXL-S (SDRAM variant) and two for the MCXL-H (HyperBus variant).

All implement a RISC-V core with FreeRTOS, a UART core, and GPIO routed to the PMod connectors and gigabit Ethernet using the Intel TSE MAC.

The mcxl_h_ethernet and mcxl_s_ethernet projects use only 128 KB on-chip memory to provide RAM for the RISC-V core. The mcxl_h_ethernet_hyperbus project also implements the SLL HyperBus IP Core, available with a time-limited 30 minutes free trial license providing additional 32 MB of HyperRAM and 128 MiB of HyperFlash.