Metrology and Standards for Plastic Electronics

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At NPL Teddington, on Thursday 24 June 2010, 10am – 4pm.

A measure of a technology's commercial success can be often seen in its need to develop standards. Standards address a wide range of issues for an industry which needs to prove its commercial maturity and market readiness. The building blocks of any commercial standards are agreed industry methods for measuring key input and performance characteristics, either during the manufacturing process or as customer deliverable. This PPE seminar will examine the issues of metrology and standards applied to plastic electronics. Amongst the topics to be discussed are: - Polymer barrier moisture permeation - PV efficiency and lifetime. - Transistor characteristics - Metrology in R2R environment - Life cycle and CO2 calculation standards Plastic electronics has unique selling points in that it is inherently more open to creative uses through its flexible form factor. The seminar will also examine whether the adoption of standards will be a benefit or burden to this creativity. Price to attend is £75 + VAT