IoT Security Foundation Annual Conference: Knowing it’s safe to connect

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The 2017 IoTSF annual conference – taking place on 5 December at Savoy Place in London – will bring vendors and users together with security experts, researchers and key stakeholders to discuss security ‘in the round’. Attendees will learn how companies are providing security capabilities and how users are implementing them. This will be framed by a bigger picture view of the contemporary issues and a look at the future from the research perspective.

* Session 1: The IoT security big picture

A high level look at IoT Security provided by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, an address from the IoTSF’s chairman and a business panel exploring how adoption of security can be driven by changing the negative perceptions of cost and fear.

* Session 2: IoT security research themes

Briefings and thought provoking talks that further address aspects of IoT security that impact industry.

* Session 3: IoT security in action 1

An in-depth example provided by a company that deployed a consumer product rapidly and then had to deal with the prevailing issues, fix errors and manage the business impact.

Attendees will learn how to avoid some of the hazards that trip up many new-to-connected-market companies.

The session will also include a panel session to highlight how to go about product security – and how not to.

* Session 4: IoT security in action 2

The virtues of a collaborative approach to security are explored, with a focus on how partnerships can deliver superior business value over the life cycle of the IoT product and service.

The session will conclude with an expert panel providing insights into how organisations can leverage security capabilities for business benefit.