Benefits of the RSoft photonic system design suite to component manufacturers

Manufacturers of optical and photonic components often use device modelling tools during the design and optimisation stages of the product development cycle, but system design considerations are often left to the customer.

Optical and photonic component specs developed by industry associations and standards organisations can help with system level test, but these consider trade-offs between the manufacturing technology and target system performance. The focus then shifts to manufacturing components that meet or exceed the specs, rather than investing in subsequent testing and verification of the components at the system level. Specs don’t always exist and can’t always keep up with emerging applications; even when they exist, there are other drawbacks.

This white paper aims to show, using case studies, that optical and photonic component manufacturers and vendors of any size can benefit from using a systems modelling tool – not only during the product development, but also during product marketing.

To download the white paper, follow the link below.