PCAP Touch Solutions for a large range of Temperatures

RDS has a range of AMT PCAP Touch panels that remain stable even in extreme temperatures. Their versatile PCAP touch sensors are manufactured to optimise performance in a variety of applications. Durable designs and materials that can withstand electromagnetic noise and challenging environments have set a new standard.

The Operating temperature of the AMT PCAP glass-film-film sensors has been increased to -30°C to 80°C. When paired with PenMount controllers and firmware, the proprietary System Reference technology allows the touch panel to cope with rapid temperature changes whilst maintaining touch operation.

Walk-in freezers, for example, are typically maintained at a temperature range of -18°C to -22°C or extreme weather conditions of -30°C, any PCAP system will need to perform at the lowest possible end of this temperature range and be hardened for these low temperatures.

On another extreme where heat is a problem such as car interiors on a hot summer day or high-temperature factory floors, where temperatures can reach 80°C AMT PCAP touch panels installed in relevant devices or facilities can easily endure this level of heat.

In fact, because of the proprietary System Reference technology firmware, an AMT PCAP touch solution can easily go from high to low temperatures.

Whilst delivering impressive temperature endurance, AMT PCAP touch panels paired with PenMount controllers retain the advanced features that are a must in extreme environments such as water handling and gloved touch.The operating temperature of PenMount PCAP touch controllers is -40°C to 85°C and seamlessly complements AMT PCAP touch panels.

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