Digitiser board range extended 125Msample/s

Spectrum Instrumentation has added five models to its general purpose M2p.59xx series of PCIe 16bit digitiser cards. The additions increase the maximum sampling rate to 125Msample/s. This, along with higher overall bandwidth, is said to enable the cards to capture a wider range of signals and to suit them to use in applications where signals from DC to 50MHz need to be acquired and analysed with speed and accuracy.

The M2p-596x series includes models providing 1, 2, 4 or 8 input channels. Each channel has its own A/D converter and signal conditioning circuitry to allow fully synchronous acquisitions on all the inputs. The extra resolution provided throught the use of 16bit A/D converters is said to translate into improved measurement capabilities and superior dynamic performance.

Packaged into a half-length PCIe card, each model is said to offer a full set of digitiser features. Each channel has its own programmable input amplifier with ranges between ±200 mV and ±10 V, programmable input offset for unipolar measurements, programmable input termination of 50Ω and 1MΩ and an integrated calibration circuit. Models are available with up to eight single-ended and up to four differential channels.

A PCIe x4 lane interface supports data streaming at rates of more than 600Mbyte/s – equivalent to more than 80Msample/s for four channels.