D-Subminiature connectors

Lane Electronics has made available several D-Subminiature connectors, manufactured by Positronic.

The ranges include both standard and high density models as well as versions that are environmentally sealed to IP67 and a solution for those that need to terminate fibre optic cables in a D-Sub format.

The connectors are available in six package sizes with 9 – 50 size 20 contacts rated at 12A per contact. They are designed for board to board, cable to cable or board and panel to cable or board applications.

According to Lane Electronics, the high density Combo Series comprise high quality, high reliability D-Subs with the ability to mix signal, power, coax, high voltage air and thermocouple contacts in a single connector. Positronic’s Combo D- Sub connectors feature multiple package sizes and contact variants as well as a wide range of accessories and options including blind mate and sequential mating.

The standard density Positronic Combo D Subminiature connectors come in six D-Sub package sizes and 22 contact variants with current rating per contact up to 100A. Designed for board to board, cable to cable or board and panel to cable or board applications, options include blind mate and sequential mating.

Positronic’s environmentally sealed D-Subminiature connectors are designed for use in applications where enclosures need to be protected against the effects of dust, rain and limited water immersion. They can be supplied in both standard and high density formats. All meet the water and dust ingress requirements of IP67 and there is the option of corrosion protection or corrosion resistance. They feature sealed cable and sealed panel mount options and they are available with 9 – 104 contacts.

The Positronic Optik-D is an ARINC 801 conforming fibre-optic connector for users who need to terminate optical cable in harsh or challenging environments. Designed to be used with the company’s Combo D-Subminiature family, Optik-D connectors are said to be more cost effective than D38999 or ARINC 600-based systems and are compatible with ARINC 801 products from other manufacturers. The Optik-D connector features an ultra-low insertion loss figure of just 0.06 dB (typical).