Wide range of white papers now online

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A selection of free white papers from Ericsson Power Modules is now available to download on New Electronics' website.

Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture (MicroTCA) is a relatively new architectural specification for information and communications technology (ICT) and industrial equipment intended for relatively small, low power applications where it can be more cost effective than other architectures. The key power assembly in MicroTCA is called the 'MicroTCA power module', which, by its own definition has to deliver and secure the power required by Advanced Mezzanine Cards and other accessories that plug-into the MicroTCA enclosure. With the ability to work with any type of power converter, Ericsson considers PMBus to be a major success story. Its SMBus-based two-wire hardware interface is similar to - and generally compatible with - I2C while the improved signalling protocols are said to ensure greater robustness. Another paper relates digital power to other industries that have faced a similar, huge technology shift, and reviews how such new technologies have been market adopted. It also gives the opportunity to present the evidence that technology is moving forward. Patrick Le Fèvre, marketing director at Ericsson Power Modules, said: "Taking advantage of the PMBus read/write programmability that digital power offers to end users makes it very easy for them to configure each converter and point-of-load to deliver custom output voltages with variable margins, set sequencing delays and, through a graphic user interface, to define fault thresholds and responses and to pre-configure or reconfigure power architecture on demand." To view and download the white papers click here.