StrongKey joins Infineon security partner network

1 min read

StrongKey has become a member of the Infineon Security Partner Network, combining the company’s research and solutions with Infineon's security technology.

With StrongKey’s cryptographic software solutions, Infineon customers can provision and manage a unique digital identity into each IoT device. The strongly authenticated devices, subsequently, leverage the encryption, tokenisation, digital signature and key management capabilities of StrongKey’s solutions, thus protecting data.

With this partnership, Infineon and StrongKey will make verifying device identity, an essential element of IoT security, easy and affordable. The hope is that this will bring benefits to sectors including automotive, aerospace, biotechnology and finance.

Arshad Noor, CTO, StrongKey, said: “We’ve been integrating a Trusted Platform Module into our products for over a decade and have made it a standard component of our key management solutions.

"Hardware-backed key management creates a significant barrier to attacks and gives our customers the assurance that their data is being protected with advanced capabilities. We look forward to working with Infineon to bring world-class security solutions to market faster.”