Rohde & Schwarz FSW analyser provides 'unique functionality'

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In a bid to address the requirements of development labs in the aerospace, defence and communications sectors, Rohde & Schwarz has unveiled a new high end FSW signal and spectrum analyser.

According to the electronics specialist, the R&S FSW analyser outperforms all comparable high end instruments in both rf performance and bandwidth. For the first time, multiple measurement applications can be viewed as well as analyse signal interactions. Three models are available, covering frequency ranges 2Hz to 8GHz, 13GHz or 26.5GHz. The 12.1in touchscreen has a multiview function, enabling users to display the results of different applications at the same time. At 10kHz carrier offset, the R&S FSW achieves a phase noise specification of less than –137dBc (1Hz), which, according to R&S, is up to 10dB less than comparable instruments on the market. This phase noise specification is designed to enable developers of rf components and radar applications to achieve more stable radar signals. Equipped with the R&S FSW-K6 option, the R&S FSW supports comprehensive analysis of pulsed signals such as radar applications and its analysis bandwidth of up to 160MHz allows the device to measure wideband, hopping and chirp signals. This makes it ready for the requirements of future wireless standards such as the 802.11ac. Spurious emissions can be quickly detected due to its low inherent noise and ability to rapidly analyse wide frequency ranges. Josef Wolf, director of the Spectrum Analysis, Network Analysis and EMC Subdivision at Rohde & Schwarz, said: "These measurements are essential for multi standard base stations of the future. That is why we have integrated the multi standard radio analyser into the R&S FSW. This feature, combined with the large touchscreen display, provides functionality that is unique on the market. The optimum analyser for tomorrow's developments is now available today."