‘Complete’ quantum chip design by the University of New South Wales

​​A team from the University of New South Wales says it has created a complete design for a quantum computer chip and adds the device can be made using mostly standard industry CMOS processes and components.

Showing confidence in its work, the team has struck a $83million deal to develop a 10 qubit prototype silicon quantum chip by 2022.

Researcher Dr Menno Veldhorst said: “It’s generally accepted we will need millions of qubits working in tandem. To do that, we will need to pack qubits together and integrate them, like we do with modern microprocessors.

“Our design incorporates conventional silicon transistor switches to ‘turn on’ operations between qubits in a vast 2D array using a grid-based ‘word’ and ‘bit’ select protocol similar to that used in a conventional memory.

“By selecting electrodes above a qubit, we can control a qubit’s spin. And by selecting electrodes between the qubits, two-qubit logic interactions, or calculations, can be performed.”