Autotalks and CEVA collaborate on world's first global V2X solution

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CEVA and Autotalks, a specialist in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications solutions, are working together to add C-V2X Rel. 14/15 support to the CEVA-XC DSP based Autotalks chipset,

According to the companies this will make it the world’s first and only available solution capable of supporting both DSRC and C-V2X direct communications.

V2X communication is heading to mass-market adoption as the world’s largest OEMs look to equip new car models with the technology. In recent years, V2X diverged into two different technologies, DSRC and C-V2X, with fundamentally different architectures, making it difficult to harmonise a single global solution.

Autotalks, leveraging the software-defined capabilities of the CEVA-XC DSP in its chipset, has sought to address the need for a global solution by equipping its mass-market ready 2nd generation chipsets with C-V2X in addition to their native support of DSRC, at what it is says is "the highest security level".

Autotalks’ deployment-ready, 2nd generation V2X chipset is said to be the world’s first available solution which supports both DSRC based on 802.11p/ITS-G5 standards and C-V2X based on 3GPP specifications. The chipset allows customers to toggle between DSRC and C-V2X communications.

The chipset isolates V2X from the cellular Network Access Device (NAD), thus providing domain separation and security, scalability and potential cost-optimisations of Telematic Control Unit (TCU) deployments. The separation of V2X from in-vehicle infotainment is designed to ensure that the safety related purpose of the V2X system is not compromised.