• IoT pioneer Neul sold to Huawei

    Chinese technology giant Huawei has acquired Cambridge based Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer Neul for $25million.

    Huawei, which currently has offices in Ipswich and an R&D lab in Bristol, made the acquisition as part of a £1.3billion investment in ...
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  • OPV modules offer record efficiencies

    Belgian research institute imec has demonstrated two organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules with excellent optical properties and high efficiencies.

    The first is a fullerene-free OPV module with an area of just 160cm2 and a conversion efficiency of 5%, ...
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  • New scope families unveiled

    Teledyne LeCroy has launched the WaveSurfer 10 oscilloscope, pictured, which combines the MAUI user interface with math, measurement and debug tools to provide a tool that allows users to analyse and identify problems.

    WaveSurfer 10 features a ...
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  • ESCO’s slow start fails to dampen its big ambitions

    It's a year or so since the publication of Electronic Systems: Challenges and Opportunities, a report that layed out a vision for the development of what was determined to be a vital part of the UK's economy.

    Since then, ESCO has assumed a new ...
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