• Intel to buy Altera?

    Rumours suggest that Intel is talking to Altera with the aim of acquiring the FPGA developer for around $10billion.

    The move is being seen as a way of Intel protecting its position in the data centre from growing competition from devices based on ...
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  • MoS2's light emission properties boosted by factor of 12

    While molybdenum disulphide's greatest asset is said to be its monolayer thickness, a research team from Northwestern University in the US claims this is also its biggest challenge. Because it is thin, it has little interaction with light and this limits its ... Read More
  • Silicon telluride nanoribbons have potential in electronic devices

    Researchers from Brown University in the US have developed a way to make nanoribbons and nanoplates from silicon telluride. The resulting materials are pure p-type semiconductors that have the potential to be used in a variety of electronic and optical ... Read More
  • Automotive MCU family expanded to provide cost effective 2D and 3D graphics

    Cypress has expanded the Traveo MCU family with the addition of a series said to provide a cost effective platform to deliver 2D and 3D graphics, as well as advanced functionality, for dashboards, head up displays and HVAC systems.

    Cypress has ...
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