• Wearables boost sensor demand

    Shipments of sensors used in wearable devices llike the Apple Watch will rise by a factor of seven over the coming years, IHS predicts.

    In fact, the market research firm says shipments of sensors will climb much more quickly than those for wearable ...
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  • Review of export controls for the UK’s electronics sector

    High tech trade association techUK has begun a review of the enforcement of the regulations regarding export licences, and export controls in particular. The review will look at whether these regulations have a negative impact to the UK electronics, systems, ... Read More
  • Power SoCs qualified to AEC-Q100 standard

    Nine of Altera's Enpirion power SoCs have been qualified as compliant with the automotive AEC-Q100 temperature qualification standard.

    The devices include step-down PowerSoCs from the EP53xx and EN63xx families, which are optimised for energy ...
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  • Sensor tech could make car accidents obsolete

    Volvo has developed a new safety feature that it believes has the potential to eliminate deaths and injuries by its cars and trucks by 2020.

    Created as part of the Non-Hit Car and Truck project, the 360° system acts as a virtual co-driver by using ...
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The 4-channel AFE5401-Q1 is designed for the next generation of automotive radar applications where space constraints and increasing radar performance are driving a need for greater bandwidth, high integration and low power.

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The MSP430FR6x microcontroller series features a new extended scan ...

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