Soft robots


A new class of soft robot, composed of ultrathin sensing, actuating electronics ...

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Scientists from the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed a way to 3D print structures composed entirely of liquids. They envision their all-liquid material could be used to construct liquid electronics that power flexible, stretchable devices.

Golden touch

Using gold nanomaterials combined with a hybrid glass material, scientists ...

In a fog

A system that is said to be capable of producing images of objects in fog ...

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Qualcomm blow

News that Qualcomm has begun to lay-off full time and temporary workers, as part of a broader ...

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New Electronics is a fortnightly magazine focusing on technological innovation, news and the latest developments in the electronics sector. Downloadable as a digital page turner or PDF file, or offered as a hard copy, the New Electronics magazine is available in a format to suit you.

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