• EU semi sales up 14.9%

    European semiconductor sales amounted to $3.273billion in July, an increase of 14.9% compared to the same month in 2013.

    The high year on year growth, well above the worldwide average, confirms the continued and sustainable growth of the European ...
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  • Imagination adds ‘game changing’ 64bit core to MIPS Warrior family

    In a move which it says will 'change the game' for CPUs, Imagination Technologies has launched the MIPS Warrior I-class I6400 CPU family. According to the company, the CPU family includes the first IP cores to combine a 64bit architecture and hardware ... Read More
  • Google Glass app detects human emotion in real time

    A team from Germany's Fraunhofer Institute has created software for Google Glass that can analyse people's facial expressions in real time and tell you if they're happy, sad, surprised or upset.

    The SHORE technology analyses video on the tiny ...
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  • Batteryless pacemaker uses a watch and a buffer circuit

    A batteryless cardiac pacemaker based on an automatic wristwatch and powered by heart motion has been described in a paper presented at the European Society of Cardiology's Congress.

    Adrian Zurbuchen, a PhD candidate in the University of Bern's ...
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