• Need more energy storage? Just hit 'print'

    A new type of ink for an inkjet printer holds promise for printing flexible energy storage components.

    Researchers from Drexel University and Trinity College in Ireland developed the ink from a highly conductive, carbon-based 2D material called ...
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  • Recycling and renewal of used cathodes from lithium-ion batteries

    The University of California San Diego has improved its recycling process that regenerates degraded cathodes from spent lithium-ion batteries.

    The new process is safer and uses less energy than their previous method in restoring cathodes to their ...
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  • Future-proofing avionics systems

    Wind River is helping Collins Aerospace future-proof avionics systems.

    Future airspace will be filled with drones, commercial aircraft, helicopters, and more. Several prototypes are currently targeting urban air mobility solutions such as air ...
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  • AMD expands Ryzen family

    AMD has announced that the Ryzen embedded product family is growing, with the addition of the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 SoC.

    The R1000 SoC looks to provide embedded customers with dual core, quadthreaded performance, as well as the ability to run ...
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