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  • OPV modules offer record efficiencies

    Belgian research institute imec has demonstrated two organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules with excellent optical properties and high efficiencies.

    The first is a fullerene-free OPV module with an area of just 160cm2 and a conversion efficiency of 5%, ...
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  • ESCO’s slow start fails to dampen its big ambitions

    It's a year or so since the publication of Electronic Systems: Challenges and Opportunities, a report that layed out a vision for the development of what was determined to be a vital part of the UK's economy.

    Since then, ESCO has assumed a new ...
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  • RRAM memory 3D printed onto paper

    Taiwanese researchers have 3D printed a type of RRAM memory onto a single standard piece of paper.

    While paper is an ideal substrate for printed memory because of its affordability and extreme light weight, it also has a very high absorption rate. ...
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  • Phase change materials could enable energy efficient computing

    Smaller, faster and more energy efficient computers might be enabled by using phase change materials (PCM) instead of silicon, according to research carried out at Cambridge University.

    Modelling and tests of PCM based devices have shown that ...
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