• Chip set to simplify diabetes diagnoses

    Stanford University engineers have created a device which could make diagnosing type-1 diabetes quicker, simpler and cheaper.

    The portable, handheld device relies on a specially developed microchip to distinguish between two main forms of diabetes ...
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  • ARM sees its Q2 revenue rise by 17%

    Investors on the London Stock Exchange have reacted positively to ARM's Q2 2014 results, in which the company saw revenues rise by 17% on a dollar basis over the same period in 2013.

    According to the company, sales in Q2 were $309.6million ...
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  • Process changes point to cheaper, better finFETs

    A start up has found a way to use traditional semiconductor processing techniques to make finFETs that it claims will perform better than those currently produced at Intel and TSMC. The devices can also be deployed on existing 28nm processes to improve speed ... Read More
  • XMOS raises $26m from three industry investors

    Bristol based fabless semiconductor company XMOS has completed a further round of funding, in which it has raised $26.2million from Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Huawei Technologies and Xilinx. The company says it will use the money to accelerate new product ... Read More

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