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Altera builds hardened DSP blocks into Arria and Stratix at 20nm

Responding to the increasingly demanding task of designing floating point DSP capability into FPGAs, Altera has integrated IEEE754 compliant, floating point operators into Arria 10 and Stratix 10 devices manufactured on TSMC's 20nm process and currently shipping.

The move is said by the company to deliver 'unparalleled levels of DSP performance, designer productivity and logic efficiency' and to save 'up to 12 months of development time'. By integrating ...
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Boxes of tricks 22/04/2014

Metal or plastic? Choosing an enclosure is not as straightforward as that, so what are the options when you are looking to house your precious ...  Read More

Linear ears make sense 22/04/2014

'Linear assets' is a term that covers anything from roads and railway to pipes and perimeter fences. Typically, these assets will have signage, ...  Read More

Forward steps 22/04/2014

MIPS Technologies has a long history of developing microprocessor cores for the embedded systems sector. A pioneer of 32bit and, more recently, ...  Read More

Analogue designers continue 22/04/2014

Since 1954, the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) has been the forum for presenting leading edge circuit designs. Whilst the ...  Read More

Power at the heart of Europe 22/04/2014

Tim Fryer looks forward to the upcoming PCIM exhibition and conference, taking place in Nuremberg from 20 to 22 May  Read More

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Shunt voltage reference 22/04/2014

The ZXRE330 3.3V shunt voltage reference from Diodes has been introduced to help achieve improvements in both stability and power consumption.  Read More

Half and full-bridge drivers 17/04/2014

The industry's first small form factor half and full-bridge drivers have been introduced by Intersil.  Read More

High voltage power module 14/04/2014

Intersil has announced the ISL8216M – an 80V, 4A non-isolated DC/DC step down power module.  Read More

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Brick modules updated 22/04/2014

The PFE-SA series of AC/DC full brick power modules from TDK Lambda is said to represents a significant upgrade to the PFE-S series launched ...  Read More

€55m power electronics project 02/04/2014

Described as one of the most important European energy efficiency research projects has been launched in Dresden. The three year eRamp project, ...  Read More

Converters cut space by 50% 19/03/2014

The MTU2 series of surface mounted 2W DC/DC converters is claimed to be 50% smaller than the competition.  Read More

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Hardened DSP blocks for FPGAs 23/04/2014

Responding to the increasingly demanding task of designing floating point DSP capability into FPGAs, Altera has integrated IEEE754 compliant, ...  Read More

Four IDEs for Kinetis support 11/04/2014

Freescale has named four tools as featured integrated development environments (IDEs) for its Kinetis range of ARM based microcontrollers. The ...  Read More

GrammaTech unveils CodeSonar 4 09/04/2014

The latest version of GrammaTech's flagship software tool for C/C++, Java and machine code is designed to meet the growing challenges of ...  Read More

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Terence Watson 22/04/2014

Ask Terence Watson about power electronics and you're left in no doubt of his opinion. ...

Sarah Macken, ESCO Council 08/04/2014

ESCO's new chief executive tells Graham Pitcher that the electronic systems sector's ...

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Future World Symposium 2014

29th - 30th April 2014, Twickenham Stadium, London

R&S seminar

12th May 2014, Fleet 14th May 2014, Clontarf Castle, Dublin

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Communications let downs 23/04/2014

Not so shocking news came out of Manchester United yesterday morning - the manager, David Moyes, ...

The veils lift slowly 23/04/2014

It's a year or so since Fujitsu and Panasonic unveiled plans to merge their system LSI businesses ...

It’s a hard life for DSPs 23/04/2014

Go back a few years and DSPs were the hot technology. FPGAs, meanwhile, were up and coming. ...

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High voltage power module

Intersil has announced the ISL8216M – an 80V, 4A non-isolated DC/DC step down power module.