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  • New wonder material set to rival graphene?

    Researchers in the UK have created a material which they believe could rival graphene.

    According to the team from the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre, molybdenum di-sulphide (MoS2) shares many of graphene's favourable ...
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  • Engineers urged to think ahead when designing security into IoT systems

    Personal IT security is not a new issue. We've been accustomed to using software to protect our systems from potential threats in the data that arrives at our PCs having travelled across the internet; indeed, firewalls are now a standard feature of operating ... Read More
  • Catapults 'firing on all cylinders'

    In 2010, technology entrepreneur Hermann Hauser was commissioned by the government of the day to report on how Britain could be more competitive internationally.

    His report recommended the setting up of the Catapult programme. Hauser said: "I have ...
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  • 8bit MCUs come with dual A/D converter peripheral

    Adding to its 8bit microcontroller family, Microchip has introduced two new devices with two independent 10bit 100K samples per second A/D converters and support for capacitive touch sensing.

    The 14 and 20pin PIC16LF1554/9 MCUs are designed to ...
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