Test & Measurement

Test and measurement equipment underpins the product design process, enabling engineers to verify their design is working in the way they want. If not, these essential devices help them to find out where the problems lie.

In this section, New Electronics keeps design engineers up to date with the Test and Measurement market, bringing a range of information about the products and their application.

electronica - Test solution for remote keyless entry systems

A universal solution has been announced by Rohde & Schwarz which tests vehicle keys and the associated electronic control units with their various wireless technologies. With a modular and scalable approach, the system is said to test at the printed board and device level in all product phases - from development to product qualification to mass production.

Passive probe brings 1mV/div accuracy

A passive 1:1 probe from Rohde & Schwarz is said to broaden the application range of the company’s RTO and RTE series of oscilloscopes. Using the probe, engineers can measure to an accuracy of 1mV/div in applications such as power integrity.

Industry’s first PXI express DMM for more accurate, smarter test systems

National Instruments (NI) has released the NI PXIe-4081 7½-digit high-performance Digital Multimeter (DMM) and 1.8MS/s isolated digitiser. The NI PXIe-4081 is said to offer engineers the flexibility, resolution and isolation needed to tackle challenging applications that require smarter test systems in industries ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace and defence.

Performance oscilloscope probes tackle smaller, faster designs

Tektronix has introduced the P7700 series of TriMode probes for use with Tektronix performance oscilloscopes. Claimed to offer up to 20GHz bandwidth, the probes are said to ease the challenges designers face when debugging circuits found in the latest mobile and enterprise designs by minimising probe loading, improving access to smaller, more-densely packed test locations and lowering overall cost of ownership.

Time-of-flight ranging sensor revolutionises mobile-camera performance

STMicroelectronics has released its second-generation laser-ranging sensor based on its FlightSense technology. It is claimed that the VL53L0 can range faster over longer distances and more accurately, improving smartphone and tablet camera performance and opening new possibilities and features in robotics, user detection, drones, IoT, and wearables.

New handheld process calibrators

Yokogawa has introduced a family of three new handheld process calibrators. The CA300 Series features high accuracy and stability and each model incorporates a dedicated range of functions for loop diagnosis, thermocouple simulation and RTD (resistance temperature detector) simulation, respectively.

Handheld spectrum analysis for field and lab use

Rohde & Schwarz has released the R&S Spectrum Rider, a handheld spectrum analyser featuring low weight and long battery life. It is claimed to offer solid RF performance with sensitivity of -160dBm and measurement accuracy of typically 0.5dB between 10MHz and 3GHz and a frequency range from 5kHz to 2GHz, which can be extended up to 4GHz with a key code.

50GHz vector signal analyser in PXI format

Keysight Technologies has launched a 50GHz frequency extension to the M9393A PXIe performance vector signal analyser (VSA). According to the company, the move provides frequency coverage previously unseen in modular instrumentation.

Industry’s lowest drift bandgap voltage reference

Linear has announced the LT6657, a range of ultra-stable bandgap voltage references that is said to exhibit less than 1.5ppm/°C of temperature drift. The LT6657 is also claimed to have 0.5ppmp-p of low frequency noise, less than 30ppm of long term drift and 35ppm of thermal hysteresis.

Latest MULTI IDE for Linux debugging software released

Green Hills Software has announced the latest release of its MULTI Integrated Development Environment for Linux. With this release, Green Hills Software continues to evolve its software development suite with features designed to increase developer productivity and speed time-to-market.

Yokogawa launches enhanced power meter

Yokogawa has introduced an enhanced version of its WT300 Series of compact digital power meters, said to feature higher accuracy, new measurement functionality and improved connectivity including Modbus/TCP capability to aid integration into production environments.

'Best-in-class' two and four-port VNAs

Anritsu has expanded its ShockLine range of vector network analysers (VNAs) with the introduction of the Performance ShockLine MS46500B series. Said to deliver best-in-class dynamic range and maximum output power, the MS46500B is suited to designing and manufacturing mobile network equipment, mobile devices, automotive cables, high-speed data interconnects and system integration components.

Advanced wireless testing capability

Anritsu has announced the MT8821C, a radio communication analyser for research and development testing of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and M2M modules, with the capability for supporting LTE-Advanced.

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