Power electronics is a key element in the world of electronic design and engineering and electronic engineers need to have a thorough understanding of this area if they’re going to create successful products.

In this section, New Electronics keeps designers up to date with the latest developments in the power electronics market – everything from DC/DC converters to IGBTs to battery technology. In fact, New Electronics covers any power product that can go on a PCB.

Power input connector

Positronic developed the Dragonfly connector series for applications requiring a compact package with an integral locking system. The newest addition to this line is a variant with three size 16 contacts, suitable for use as a power input connector in applications requiring ac/dc power.

MOSFET drivers offer peak output currents up to 4.5A

Microchip has added to its existing portfolio of 4.5A, low side mosfet drivers with the addition of the MCP14E6/7/8 and MCP14E9/10/11 devices. Offering peak output currents of 2 and 3A respectively, the devices support the integration of more features with reduced power consumption, size and cost.

Gate driver ICs target BLDC motor control applications

Atmel has introduced a new set of highly integrated system basis gate driver ICs. The ATA6843 and ATA6844 devices are additions to the company's existing range of gate drivers, designed for three phase brushless dc (BLDC) motor control applications including turbo chargers, waste gates, EGR, pumps, fans, power window, power doors and power seats.

‘Ultra fast’ output current devices

Semtech has added the SC171 and SC172 buck converters to its EcoSpeed dc/dc converter platform. The 1 and 2A output current devices are designed to meet emerging green power requirements in networking and office automation equipment, power supply modules and POL applications.

POL voltage regulators for energy efficient computing and consumer applications

International Rectifier has expanded its SupIRBuck range of integrated point of load voltage regulators to include the IR347x and IR386x devices. Designed for energy efficient computing and consumer applications, the units feature hysteretic constant on time modulators with adaptive dead time control to achieve superior light load and full load efficiency.

Integrated 850/500kHz battery chargers

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced two highly integrated SMBus battery chargers capable of operating at 850 and 500kHz respectively. The MAX17435/MAX17535 feature programmable settings such as charge current, charge voltage, input current limit, relearn voltage and digital IINP voltage readback. According to Maxim, the SMBus interface enables programming of the charge settings without changing external components to maximise design flexibility.

36V input dual step down regulator

The LT3688 from Linear Technology is a dual 800mA, 36V input step down switching regulator with dual power on reset and a watchdog timer. According to Linear, the device's 3.8 to 36V input voltage range makes it ideal for load dump and cold crank conditions commonly found in automotive applications. Its dual 1.2A internal switches are optimised to deliver up to 800mA of continuous output current from each channel at output voltages as low as 0.8V.

400W power supply provides 600W peak

XP Power has introduced the FCM400 series of single output, high efficiency 400W ac/dc power supplies, suitable for a range of industrial and medical applications. The units feature an enclosed low noise fan and measure 6 x 4 x 1.93in. They have a power density of 13.9W per cubic inch and a typical efficiency rating of 85%. XP believes the units have one of the highest power densities of any 400W power supply with medical safety approvals.

Low power d/a converters prolong battery life

The MAX5214 and MAX5216 digital to analogue converters from Maxim Integrated Products are said to incorporate 'best in class' accuracy, a small package size and a low current consumption of less than 80µA IQ. The 14 and 16bit devices have been optimised to prolong battery life in portable applications and are said to be highly programmable to add flexibility and efficiency to power usage.

Martek’s New Railway Qualified dc/dc converter series

Martek Power has launched a dc/dc converter designed to satisfy the majority of rolling stock dc power applications with a single unit. As a result, users are able to specify the same power supply no matter what the input voltage demanded by the application.

Microsemi adds multi port additions to its PoE midspan range

Microsemi has announced two multi port additions to its 60W PoE range. The 6 and 12 port midspans are said to optimise deployment flexibility and support gigabit switching, as well as having high efficiency four pair powering. The company claims the range is the 'industry's first' fully IEEE 802.3at standards compliant high power PoE solutions series to include four pair powering and gigabit switching support.

Power Integrations unveils reference design for 5W LED lamps

Expanding its range of high voltage integrated circuits, Power Integrations has announced the availability of a new reference design (RDK-251) for 5W offline LED drivers. According to the company, the device includes flicker free TRIAC dimming, single stage power factor correction (PFC) and is based on the company's LNK457DG, a member of the LinkSwitch-PL series of LED driver ICs.

6A step down SWIFT dc/dc converter from TI

Expanding its SWIFT range of power management integrated circuits, Texas Instruments has introduced a new 6A converter. The TPS54618 comes in a 3 x 3mm QFN package and is said to be the 'industry's smallest' and 'most efficient' converter on the market. The monolithic synchronous switcher has two integrated 12milliohm FETs, designed to provide 95% efficiency and low operating current from 2.95 to 6V.

International Rectifier expands portfolio of 40 to 100V mosfets

International Rectifier has expanded its range of 40 to 100V automotive qualified mosfets to include a range of logic level devices. The new devices are said to be suitable for heavy load applications used in traditional internal combustion engine platforms and micro and hybrid vehicle platforms.

Ultra compact photocoupler for industrial applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced a compact photocoupler designed to help engineers address mosfet and gate drive requirements in inverters, induction heating designs and other applications requiring safety isolation and operation at high ambient temperatures.

Led driver IC with high power factor

Renesas Electronics has announced the availability of its R2A20134 led driver IC, designed to support led lighting applications with high efficiency and provide a high power factor at low cost.

100W dc/dc converter for power radio applications

Ericsson Power Modules' PKM4116ND quarter brick dc/dc converter has been optimised to lower the number of components and reduce power losses. The product is said to be pin to pin compatible with similar products available and has been designed to enable systems designers to shorten time to market.

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